setstats Bandai 1/100 MG C3 Hobby Special - MSM-07S Char Z GOK - Part 2

Bandai 1/100 MG C3 Hobby Special - MSM-07S Char Z'GOK - Part 2

Let's continue with the leg parts.The circular parts are actually soft plastic, so they are supposed to help the suit to swim in water.

The dry stickers turn out nice.

More soft plastic parts.

This is turning to be a dry transfer practice.

Continue on the legs.

Nice looking huh?

Store them in here for now.

The upper legs are next.

The legs and arms are designed to have nice little tubes to pass through them, I actually cut one out by mistake when I do the arm, so I have to redo one tube ... but it is covered, so you cannot tell.

Here is the magic of the tubes.

Pretty nice!

My little MA waiting in the red shelf.

The backpack is next.

Yes, yes, I know you can see the edges of the stickers, but there is not much you can do since they are stock like this.



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