setstats Bandai 1/100 MG C3 Hobby Special - MSM-07S Char Z GOK - Part 1

Bandai 1/100 MG C3 Hobby Special - MSM-07S Char Z'GOK - Part 1

Got this with a steal from AX 2010! $35 USD plus tax. It rings for 50 to 100 USD on the web. It is a nice special color kit. In between big projects that I paint every single piece to the death, I love building a special color kit to have some quick fun.

By the way, here are the stuffs I got from AX 2010! Very happy, went with my best buddy and we just do some fun shopping haha.

It comes wrapped in clear plastic for some reason.

It was from 2007 C3 Hobby Show in Japan.

I really don't like transparent kit, so metal special color is my thing for special edition.I feel that transparent kit makes the gundam/zaku/etc looks like a old game boy.

Here is one of the display cases I have.

I have to move things around to make space.

Ideon is moved to another home fo now.

My clone tropper are here.

Anyway, go back to the zgok.

Even the black color is coated in nice meticallic color.

There are two sets of stickers, one normal one, one dry transfer.

I try the sticker for the eye first. And it looks like crap. So, I ended up paint it in clear red.

You put the little slide from bottom to top, and they move a little bit, very cute.

Both sides are done.

My painted red eye is here.

Oh yes, of course, for every part, I touch it up if needed.

The missles are on.

Test out the dry transfer with a part in the back.

The normal sticker shows some edges, but I guess I can live with that. For my PG kit, I order special dry transfer to do it, but special kit, this will do.

The trick for dry transfer is to positon it correctly.




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