setstats Bandai 1/144 Quick Model Buster Gundam - Gundam Seed

1/144 Quick Model Buster Gundam

A short live but very interesting series. The "Quick Model" is the perfect word for this. All parts are prepainted and ready to snap together to create the Buster Gundam from gundam seed. It is made of mostly soft PVC like plastic. It is very fun to build for a quick fix while I am working on the perfect grade zaku :)

Your kid will be as happy as you.

It is a nice 1/144 scale.

The inter frame parts.

The painted parts.

Start with the arms.

Your kid can help you cut them out.

Small little guy it is.

Another arm done. I might panel line it later. But since my kids will play with them, I don't want more paint that what is already on.

Upper body.

Next is the legs.

Lower body.

The legs.

Firing both guns!

Flying upside down.


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