setstats USA Shopping - Black Friday 2010

USA Shopping - Black Friday 2010

Yeah, it is black friday. My wife went to the mall and shop overnight. And I decided to stay home with kids and shop online until 4pm or so :) Lightning deals on ... Oh yes, fun. Actually, both of our budget is just around 200-300 USD. We just do it for fun this year. Most of the year, I don't buy anything. Somehow 2010 is my year to help the economy.

Here is what I get:

PSP game case.

DS XL case. 5 USD.

Tripod flash light.

Red camera for my wife. 200 USD only.

DVD, blu ray and games. Anywhere from 1.99 to 15 USD.

Gracie still have two of my games. It is Oct 2011 now :)

Beat this two already.

Left 4 Dead 2 is a fun game.

Arrr ... ended up never open these two. I forget where I put them ... haha

Oh yes, 50% off from sideshow collectibles. Less than 100 USD shipped to the door.

The top is my kids gift from grandma.

The nice printer is only 49 USD.

This is 55 or so.

1/16 scale for my kids to play.

DS XL for a cheap cheap price. 165 or 150 (cannot remember), it is 30,40 less than retail, no tax, shipped to the door. Amazon prime is so good.

Yeah, the digger is big.

Totally green packaging. Very little plastic.

The original DS is a gift from my wife many many years ago.

Kids love it.

The flash light is fun as well.

Should I sit out this year or do more shopping?


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