setstats Bandai 1/400 MA-08 Big-Zam - Gundam Collection

Bandai 1/400 MA-08 Big-Zam - Gundam Collection

Completed and painted model of the Big-Zam requires only that you build its legs (which are molded in color and snap together). Included in the box are completed models of a G-Armour, Core Booster, and poseable Gundam, all of which also have display stands. A base for the Big-Zam is included as well.

I have it for years in the garage and finally decided to build it out of the box. The kit is so nice! It was a beat up (broken glue) box that I bought from a Gundam Expo in Hong Kong. I think I paid 15 USD or so. In ebay or amazon, this goes easily for 40 to 80 USD.

Here is the box.

I actually love most of the mobile armor. Too bad it goes out of style in the series and you don't see much of them in the UC series down the line.

Let's open the box.

Here is the arts that show all you can do with the stuffs inside.

The little guys are 1/400 scale, so it goes well with your other gundam collection. The ones I have usually got beat up by my kids ... I am putting this inside the shelf.

Yes, they are small.

The bases for the little guys.

The "big" guys are 1/200 in the back.

The base of the big-zam is also in good quality.

Let's put it together.

The nails are actually softer plastic.

The chicken feet.

The ball joints are also softer plastic.

The legs are good looking.

This is a prepaint kit, and for prepaint kit, this is a good one.

The head is nice with multiple prepaint color, so it is protected nicely.

Here it is. There are panel lines, and multiple colors in different paints. This is a nice quikie model.

The inner parts are ok. But I decided to leave it alone.

The wings are added.

The legs attached.

Pretty nice and exciting one!

Arrrrr ...

It is not over ....Arrr ...

I am very tempted to add more panel lines ...

But then, this whole layer has not touch up, so I decided to go with the flow :)



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