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JGSDF Light Armored Vehicle

Here's a very nifty little infra-red-controlled model of a JGSDF Light Armored Vehicle, Version 2. It is only $5 US from (after 50% off on sale). I don't think you can do any better than this given the price performance.

Here is how big (or small) the box is. Next to it is a 1/144 Zaku.

You do have to put the vehicle together.

It comes nicely painted.

Start with the wheels.

Then, the "engine".

It even comes with turn alignment.

The remote is infrared. So, you have to point to the car to control.

Pretty it up with stickers.

The rails for the top of the car.

There is a hole here so you can infrared control it.

Yeah. Done. Yes, the kids love it.


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