setstats Bandai - 1/144 - MS-06 Zaku - The Origin

Bandai - 1/144 - MS-06 Zaku - The Origin

I am a die hard fan for the "Mobile Suit Gundam - The Origin" manga series. And I remember seeing this figure 6 years or so ago in Hong Kong. I did not pick it up because it looks kind of funny (short) and it was too expensive. You can bid one at 70 USD or so. Somehow it was on sale (at HLJ) and I pick it up for 15 USD or so plus shipping. It is kindly funny to see the same figure that I used to hold in my hand after so many years.

The theme of the box is totally Manga oriented. In fact, the back drop of the figure is a piece of card board with The Origin Manga square.

2980 yen when it first comes out.

The design is very different than any zaku you see before. It looks more like a chogokin zaku from years ago.

The right hand side of the backpack is where the machine gun chain will go.

There is some type of gun on the right hand side of the chest as well.

There is also a marker light under the neck as well.

There is no circle gun magazine because it is in a form of a chain.

Here, all chain up.

The right hand side one is the super HCM Pro one.

Fun :)


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