setstats 1/200 Bandai HCM Pro Zaku II Land Type

1/200 Bandai HCM Pro Zaku II Land Type

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Yes, I am a zaku fan. I like it even better than any gundam.

This is 1/200 HCM Pro MS-06J Zaku II Ground Type. (It is also called Land Type).

Appear as part of Mobile Suit Variations, design by Kunio Okawara. The J-Type Zaku II was built specifically for terrestrial operations, and thus lacked space-specific equipment, greatly reducing its overall mass and cost. It also featured a slightly more powerful reactor to assist in its mobility under the full-gravity conditions of Earth. Compared to the F-type Zaku, the J-type was better insulated against its environment, and could be used in brief underwater operations. Its weapons were the same as its spaceborne counterpart, though a few weapons, such as the 175mm Magella Top gun were used only by the land types.

HCM Pro is very fun. I have a whole bunch of them.

Some people actually don't like the markings (the green bars all over the body). Do you like it?

The screw in the middle allows you to "turn" the pink eye.

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