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A Little Army of Zaku's

I am a hung Zaku fan (working on a PG Zaku now). While I also like all kind of gundams, I actually prefer zaku since it looks more "realistic" and believable with all these nato green base color and all. In any case, I have a chance to pick up a warehouse found from HLJ with 60 or 80% off. I think the whole box come to my house with somewhere around only $30 out the door. Very nice deal indeed for zaku fan :)

Yeah. Check that out. I normally don't buy stuffs like this. But somehow I am very exciting about this one.

First box.

Alright, the same Zaku F on the cover!

Oh yes, on my way to the groceries store, I swing by a book store and pick up all these discount older Aya Ueto CDs. $5 each. Not a bad deal. They were all $35 each before. In case you don't know her, she is the actress who did most of the gunpla ads on TV in Japan.

Mmmm, which one to open next ...

A yellow zaku?

There are even purple and orange zaku ::)

Red one is also in the mix.

Line them up for pictures.

See how small they are. Cute.

Chain them up like this ... and ...

Put them under the mirror.

Like this ... looking from the outside.

In the gundam truck. :P



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