setstats Bandai - MIA - Vintage - MA-04X Zakrello with MS-148 Gelgoog

Bandai - MIA - Vintage - MA-04X Zakrello with MS-148 Gelgoog

The experimental Zakrello was one of the earliest mobile armors developed by the Principality of Zeon. It had two huge thrusters which gave it tremendous speed and acceleration, making it extremely fast. In terms of weapons it mounted two giant blades for cutting attacks. For heavy firepower it was equipped with a scattering beam cannon, which was mounted in the 'mouth' of the mobile armor. However, despite being very fast the MA lacked agility. This made it unable to dodge attacks efficiently.

It has appeared in a lot of gundam video games. And I am a fan of it (as well as shit load of other stuffs).

Anyway, here is a vintage American version of the Zakrello. The toy is the same as the Japanese version. Only the box is different.

Yes, all the MIA are for my kids.

They are happy that it looks the same as seen on TV :)

I have all the MA now, except the Big Sam. If you have one looking for a good home, email me :)

A special edition MIA Gelgoog comes with the Zakrello.

Nicely packed in the box (for its time).

Some basic weather is there, but there is a lot of opportunity for panel lining.

It also makes sound and noise for the beam weapon in the "mouth".

A very fun item.



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