setstats Bandai 1/144 Super HCM Pro RX-78-2 Gundam

Bandai 1/144 Super HCM Pro RX-78-2 Gundam 

This is the first in the Super HCM Pro entry! There is always something special about a first entry. Bandai's Super HCM Pro series offers action figures of your favorite mobile suits from the "Gundam" universe in 1/144 scale with enhanced mobility and individually articulated fingers, unbelievable detailing, fun playable gimmicks, custom markings, and weapons and accessories galore!

Info from Bandai and HLJ, measuring 12.5cm tall, it has hyper-articulated joints that can hold almost any dynamic action poses you can think of! Virtually every hatch can be opened to reveal intricate mechanical detailing. Metal parts are used for the soles of its feet as well as the hammer chains. The transformable core fighter is equally impressive, and the core block unit is also included. Weapons and accessories that come with the figure include a beam rifle, shield, two hyper bazookas, two beam sabers, Gundam hammer, Hyper Hammer, hammer rack, super napalm, beam javelin, and a custom display base that can also store all the weapons and the Gundam itself.

Here is the box I have from HLJ.

Beautiful box art.

Here is the back.

It was 6800 yen, and I think I got for 3400 yen or something.

The side of the box.

Let's open the box.

Here are all the goodies inside.

Looking sharp!

A core fighter is also included. I believe this big one is 1/100 and the one inside the gundam is 1/144.

The instruction is nicely hidden and protected in the box.

Nice color instruction.

The core fighter, of course, can transform.

The little guy out of the box.

There are a lot of markings in this 1/144.

Many little "doors" can be opened.

The little openings are very fun.

Ar, here is the little hanger that I built and colored from a maganzine. Love how it turns out. I remember that I really want one of these when I am young, but there is no kid for it. It finally comes out. A simple and good looking one just like the original anime.

The super HCM sits nicely in there.

Cute! Oh well, almost cute.

For now, it will be sitting on the shelf with the 1/60 PG zaku.

Let's work on the super HCM pro hanger next.

The parts are colored.

For toys, I usually use a black marker to touch up.

After you cut the plastic, it usually appears as white. Using a black marker to touch up will make it looks great.

Let's start putting it together.

We start with the back.

All the parts are cut to make it fit perfectly.

Here is the missile launcher.

There are many weapons available with the kit.

The gun can open in the middle, very fun.

Here is what it looks like when put together.

All the weapons can be stored in the hanger.

Just like this ...

The back.

The comparsion between two hangers. (I actaully like the left hand side one better.)

Let's load up the hanger with MS.


They will sit here like this for now.


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