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Bandai - Robot Damashii - Reborn Gundam

The last bad guy in the Gundam 00 series. I like Gundam 00 a lot more than age. Oh well, age is not finished yet, but you can tell there is no a lot of love for age in general in the community at this point. In any case, I only collect 00 series in the Robot Damashii line. And I am excited to add Reborn in my collection. I actually picked this up in Akihabara in Japan from the best store there. The one that has the whole building for itself (I forget the name ...) I will make a posting on where to go for otaku stuffs in Japan later on. Anyway, ...

The Reborns Gundam is a machine based on all accumulated Mobile Suit technology data from Veda. The base design was completed at a considerably early stage. Originally, the unit was developed as two separate units, with the CBY-001 1 Gundam designated as the lead machine, with the CBY-077 GN Cannon acting as its support unit. But fearing the possible liability in combat, Ribbons commissioned the two machines be merged into one, producing the Reborns Gundam. The earlier version of Reborns Gundam also contains a third Tank Mode, but was considered redundant after acquiring the Twin Drive System technology. In regards to its functionality, technology, performance and armaments, it is superior to all mobile suits to date, with its only drawback being the limited battery life of the GN Drive Tau, which powers it.

It comes in the standard package as other Robot Damashii.

A little over price but fun.

3180 yen.

All the goodies are there.

It is like carrying a baby in the beginning.

Then, you can start adding the back pack.

Here they are.

And it actually stands up without any problem. Of course, you can have a stand to make it look pretty cool.

Pretty happy with it. It looks mean as it fits as a bad guy :)



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