setstats Bandai - Gundam Mk-II and Flying Armor - MIA - Mobile Suit in Action

Bandai - Gundam Mk-II and Flying Armor - MIA - Mobile Suit in Action

Here is a fun fun item that is on sale in AX down in LA during one of the summer. It is the MIA toy series Gundam Mk-II and Flying Armor. It is highly articulated and comes with accessories like a flag, a shield, alternate hands and a rifle. The Flying Armor can replicate scenes from the show where the Gundam enters the atmosphere.

Mmmm... I can smell something in the room ...

Please give it to me ...

Wow. It is the gundam mk-ii

It has an "airplane" to go with it.

Oh yes.

It is on sale for $15 USD only.

Can I open it?

Check this out.

In fact, the packaging is pretty nice.

The kid jumps into the plane first ...

The MIA is perfect for little kids to play. The stuffs from robot spirits series break very easy.

The gundam looks cool too.

It comes with different weapon and of course, you can make the gundam sitting or standing on top of the armor.

Nice one ... pretty happy with it.

Did I mention I got three little girls for $10 as well on the last day of the expo?

Older son keep one and gift out the other two.


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