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Bandai - MIA - Mobile Armor Bigro

Here is a fun found on eBay. The Japanese version is like 100 USD now. Somehow, I am able to get two of these for only 30 USD. Perfect to be around the room for the kids to play. It is big and make the exact same sound as in the show. And it is also a perfect item to test out different panel lining techniques on them.

Here is what a bigro is from the web: Before the One Year War began, there was a conceptual weapons competition between rival companies: one entry was MIPs MIP-X1 mobile armor, but it was rejected in favor of Zeonic Company's mobile suit technology. However, when the war started, Zeon took a second look at the MIP-X1 and retooled it into an anti-warship mobile armor called the MA-05 Bigro. It had a very powerful fusion reactor to power a Minovsky particle scattering system that jammed warship and MS sensors. Propulsion was a pair of nuclear powered rocket engines, giving it a powerful thrust. The armament was a pair of large claw arms with limited AMBAC ability, a mega-particle cannon in the nose, and two 4-tube missile launchers.

The corner of the box is smashed, but then, I usually don't keep the box for this type of toys.

The transport playsets, I don't own any of these. But the way, this is the US version, the only different is the box and the English instruction. The toy is the same thing. Very very good deals. They used to sell them in Target if you can get to them.

It comes with a Johnny Radian Zaku.

Yeah, it is a warehouse found, so dusty :)

It is big and exciting.

It is the same scale of the other MA in the MIA series..

The second pipe from the left is the button, you can press down to make it light out the beam weapon with sound.

Yeah, you can tell who will play with it from time to time.

The "month" opens up.

And it can shoot at you :)

Pretty fun.



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