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Gundam Discovery Base - A part of History

The first and only "Gundam Discovery Base" is opened in Hong Kong back in 2004. It is the on the third floor of a relatively big mall. There are nine parts featured in the base.

The entrance:


You are in the "Whitebase" now:


  1. Gundam Warehouse - Contains every gundam toys that is available in Hong Kong.
  2. Captain Command Center - A human size model that features part of the white base command center. You can seat there and experience what it is like to be the captain :)
  3. Gundam Special Force - Custom built gundam model in the show. Very popular spots.
  4. Model Showcase - 3000+ models are shown from 0079 to seed, new gundam, etc. Also, there is quite a few human size gundam model as well.
  5. Pilot traning base - A mechanism that people can go in and test out their "new type" power.
  6. Gundam Personnel Rest Room - A rest room for gundam personeel. A lot of fun gundam dec ... picture below.
  7. Testing Area - Eight stations for you to test your gundam gaming skills on playstations, etc.
  8. Gundam War Card Area - Bring out your cards and battle!
  9. Gundam Meeting Place - Anything goes ... general gundam talk, model making discussion, etc.

Come and join the gundam one year war ...


Custom Built models:


Every model that is available in the market ...


And more ...


If you prefer something bigger:


Or something with a sword that is taller than you ...


You can also try to pilot a gundam:


You have to remember this scene .. the psycho gundam, z gundam ... did MK-II also shows up ... cannot remember ...


The room for Char:


The EFSF room. Checkout the coffee table, bicycle, and Chair.


Every card you want is here ...


There are the smaller candy toys ...


Here is the site with A LOT of 1:144 models in a fighting scene. It is very fun to look at ...


A 6 feet freedom is watching over your shoulder ...


I actually have a RX-78 jumbo grade at home ... the Zaku also looks pretty good.


All the gold version that you thought no one will buy is also here.

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