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Hong Kong Gundam Expo 2004

The main theme of all the various Gundam series is always the harsh depiction of the atrocities of war. All the machines, including the Gundams, are always depicted realistically; that is, they run out of energy and ammunition, they break and malfunction like all machines eventually do. The technology, at least that of the Universal Century, is practical and is either derived from true science, including Lagrange points in space, the O'Neill cylinder as a living environment, or at least well-explained technology that is potentially feasible, and/or requiring only a few fictional elements inserted into real science to function.

Well, if you cannot have the real thing, you can always go to the gundam expo and check out all the cool toys :)

The Hong Kong style Gundam expo mostly consists of the following:

And No, I did not bring my Digital SLR on that day ...

These five are the show only models on that year.

This is a 1-to-1 gundam hand where you can standup and take a photo. Everything except the hand is just a background picture.

These are the games that you can play for a prize. Prizes are t-shirt, 1/144, 1/100 models, etc.

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