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Hong Kong Gundam Expo - 2001

Having lived in the States for years, there is not much chance to go to a gundam expo. So, ended up, the Hong Kong 2001 Gundam Expo is the first Gundam Expo I have ever been to. It is held in the center of an indoor mall with a nice ceiling as you can see. This was the year that perfect grade is King. There is a very cool set of zakus (char and normal green) that is remote control with a digital camera in the head. While the zaku actually moves, the leg does not lift up ... so it is not exactly a scaled robot yet. I guess if you wait for a few years, it will get better. Here are some interesting pics:

Here is the two RC zakus. As a matter of fact, I was in Japan when it first comes out. It costs something like $1000. There is no new version after that. There is, however, a cheaper Dom that is also RC without any camera.

Nothing beats a 1:144 Whitebase with a RX-78 in it.

Gundam card game ... that I never learned. Email me and teach me how to do it ...

The 1:12 Zaku.

The jumbo grade. I have the gundam at home :)

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