setstats Bandai HCMPro 1/200 MS-06JC Zaku II (08th MS Team Version)

Bandai HCMPro 1/200 MS-06JC Zaku II (08th MS Team Version)

This hyper-detailed HCM Pro version of MS-06JC Zaku II features super-articulated joints and tons of markings. Measuring 8.75cm tall, MS-06JC Zaku II comes equipped with a spike shield, two sturm fausts, a bazooka, a Zaku machine gun, three heat hawks, and two magazine racks, plus two pairs of optional hands. Zaku is one of the best all time selling figures in Japan. And Bandai has many many different version of it. And if you are a fan, you cannot resist to get another one ...

This one has a darker color scheme. The MS-06 JC-type was built exclusively for ground combat, removing the vernier thrusters required on space-use F-type models. The JC-type also carried a slightly more powerful powerplant (possibly to assist in its mobility under the full-gravity conditions of Earth) and was waterproofed for limited underwater operations. Despite this minor differences, the JC-type Zaku is 99% visually identical to the standard F-type. The JC-type also uses all of the same standard armaments as its spaceborne counterpart.

It is interesting how the bazooka is hold on top of the shield.

The ace marking is on the head.

Spare drums for machine guns can be stored on waist armor racks

The back details are all there.

As with other HCM Pro zakus, the internal of the knees is there.


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