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1/200 HCM Pro Char's Custom Zaku II Master Marking Version

I have many Zaku's and my wife always asks me why I keep getting the same thing over and over since they all look the same. Let me tell you, they are different :) In fact, they are very different from each other especially if you are a fan :P I will have better pictures later when I photoshoot it, but here is how it is unboxed and put together.

I got this from Hong Kong. So ... it has been sitting in the garage for 1 year and 8 months :)

Finally, open!

The little guy comes right out.

Saying hi to his big brother.

and small brother.

Now, start constructing the hands and weapons.

Here is the bazooka.

One of the two heat hawks. (The hand and hawk is one piece in this one.)

I use this black marker to cover most of the imperfection when cutting off from the tree.

Purple paint is used to touch up the heat hawk (again to cover the imperfection.)

Here is the brain.

Done. Photoshoot later.


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