setstats Bandai - 1/200 - HCM Pro - Guncanon

Bandai - 1/200 - HCM Pro - Guncanon

I got this item from Gundam Expo in Hong Kong. It is a special that only cost around 10 USD. However, if you buy enough stuffs, you are bounded to get a lemon sometime. And unfortunately, this is a rear lemon ... in any case, let's check it out.

It is number 3 in the series. I love the 1/200 HCM Pro. It is small and fun to play with. The problem is probably the fact that it is too small (and expensive), so not a lot f people is into it.

You are given a figure.

And the accessories that come with it.

Here is a pop quiz. What is missing from my little guncanon from out of the box?

See it? The left arm is missing a part? It is from Hong Kong and I am in the states, so cannot really get an exchange ...

Next pop quiz. Anything else you see that is wrong?

Got it?

The left face under the "eyes" are missing some white paint as well. The HCM Pro is usually in great shape. But it is just my luck that I have one that is missing a couple of major things ...

In any case, it still looks pretty good :)

The marking is the most talk about feature when the HCM pro series first comes out. A lot of people is turned off because they don't like the marking. I actually like them. I will not put one like this. But it is fun and fit the small figure well. What do you think?

Next, I put the weapons together.

I usually use a black marker to color to seam.

All in.

Just move the left arm under so no one will see it is missing a part. And head downs, so the missing paint does not show much :) In any case, it is a fun item.


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