setstats Bandai - HCM Pro 1/200 - Destroy Gundam - GFAS-X1

Bandai - HCM Pro 1/200 - Destroy Gundam - GFAS-X1

This is a huge HCM Pro! Destroy Gundam is a formidable opponent for your little small HCM-Pro mobile suits to fight against! Piloted by Stellar Loussier in "Gundam Seed Destiny," Destroy Gundam measures about 28cm tall to the tip of its high energy cannons and is fully transformable into mobile armor mode as seen in the show. This massive figure is not only hyper-articulated and highly detailed, it also features a cool gimmick where both lower arm parts can shoot out through the use of a spring-loaded launcher on each arm!

Here is the box.

The force impluse and freedom gundam are not included. However, the transparent stage is included.

It is big and transformable.

Side of the box.

Let's unbox.

This is the back of the destroy gundam.

Here how it is put together.

The bases for smaller gundams are included.

Just lilke how it is in the anime.

Here is the scale of the different figures. The 1/60 scales are on the middle shelf. So, the 1/200 destroy gundam is biggg.




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