setstats 1/200 HCM Pro G-Box Jaburo Infiltration

1/200 HCM Pro G-Box Jaburo Infiltration

Something good value comes along every now and then in the HCM Pro set. An example is the following three-piece HCM Pro set includes the Char's Z'Gok, plus two Acguy, and the special "stepping out of the water" base parts! Then, something great happens on top of this good value. Well, it is 50% off!

I only collet HCM Pro for the classic and seed series. So, this is really a good buy for me. I love bad guys of the 0079 series.

By the way, I got it from They always ship your stuffs nicely packaged.

A bigger box with very good art work.

The packaging even has some background to make you feel just a little happier.

Here is the water parts. Well, they are transparent plastic parts that makes believe to be water.

Pretty good.

Here is the internal engine core of Char's Z'Gok. Very detail for a little piece of toy.

The happy family walking together.


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