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Gundam War Collectible Card Game

Gundam War: Mobile Suit Gundam the Card Game also known simply as Gundam War is a collectible card game based on the Gundam anime series produced by Bandai. Players can simulate battles in the anime series. The game is designed for 2 players, though there may be different fan-created multiplayer rules. This game is sometimes confused with the Gundam M.S. War Trading Card Game, since both are published by Bandai and are based on the Gundam series.

And I know nothing about them. However, I do like the card art. So, I got a bunch of them just for the fun of it. Well, I did bid a set of Gundam Wing Gundam War card with instruction, so I will learn it and teach you guys after that. Give me a few more months.

Anyway, it all started with this nice looking binder.

And I order a bunch of cards to fill up the binder. Haha.

Here is what is inside a box.

Two special cards are inside the binder.

Here is another nice box.

I have some chinese ones, so I put them in the binder as well. Still did not know how to play ... have to study up. Anyone play gundam war game? Teach me ...

Here is the gunpla art gundam war box.

Now, they are now put nicely insider the binder :)



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