setstats Gundam Expo 2011 - Bandai Asia - Daniel & Co - Part 4

Gundam Expo 2011 - Bandai Asia - Daniel & Co - Part 4

More MG kits. You will love these if you are a Wing fanboy.

Real Grade is next.

Perfect grade!

I will probably start work on this after my 1/48 Mega Gundam Age Normal.

You can tell only a subsit of the PG is shown. I wish they have more.

Mega size kits are here as well. They look very good. So I picked up two home. Well, I picked them up somewhere else because the price outside the expo are just much better. Two years ago, there are some good buys in the expo, but this year, the prices are not as good in most items.

It is big and it looks very good.

BB gundams are here.


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