setstats Gundam Expo 2011 - Bandai Asia - Daniel & Co - Part I

Gundam Expo 2011 - Bandai Asia - Daniel & Co - Part I

By R Sinn, S Leung, A Lo. (Dec 26, 2011)

Exclusive press coverage from with Bandai Asia and Daniel & Co. Hong Kong Gundam Expo's new name in 2011 is Gunpla Expo World Tour Hong Kong 2011. The style has changed somewhat as it is run by Bandai Asia now instead of the Daniel & Co. Daniel & Co still runs the gunpla selling part of the expo. The whole expo is somewhat smaller. There used to be video game playing, card games, etc. Those are all cut. The only thing for kids are the free gunpla building tutorial and the video games that you can play your gundam age gb-ing. However, smaller has its advantages as the gunpla part is organized as a museum style showing.  

(Don't forget to check out other online parts of the expo.)

Here is the side of the expo side.

The entrance of the museum style showing.

The gunpla shop.

Here is the start of the museum style showing. Gunpla years after years are shown. Now, I (as an adult) love it since it shows the toys we have as a kid. My kids, however, blow pass most of the sections because they look too formal. Well, I am sure your kids also don't care for gunpla from the 1980s as well :)



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