setstats Gundam Expo 2009 - Part 7

Gundam Expo 2009 - Part 7

More BB gundams.

I was never really a fan for the BBs, but I am sure some of you guys are.

I was told there are BB gundams that do not have "eyes" and there are BBs that have them. I guess these are the ones that have eyes.

Here is the candy toy display.

Fusion work is actually candy toy since there is a "candy" in the box. I guess that allow them to be sold in supermarkets.

DG, or digital grade is the new egg toy series.

Here are some 1/100 gunpla.

Shoots of the two big gundams.

With the special MTR tickets, you can come and get an egg toy.

Egg toys are not only for kids, adult (like this guy :) can have a good time as well. Ha ha.



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