setstats Gundam Expo 2009 - Expo Intro

Gundam Expo 2009 - Expo Intro

After the opening ceremony, the gundam image girls introduce each of the expo area to the press.

First is the photo gallery of the 1:1 gundam.

The UC unicon display.

The HG UC display.

You will notice I take a lot more pictures of the image girls than the gunpla themself :)

Mr Bakuc also wants a photo opportunity.

The Joey Leung's gundam display. The special color gundam 00 is from him.

The limited item display is also introduced.

Besides the pretty face, you can note the background with a bunch of people lining up to buy the special items.

Mr Bakuc wants some solo shoots :)

There are video game center with gundam PSP games at the 8/F. I will have more pictures of the internal posted later since I did bring Nicholas (my older son) back for another day of fun.

The three kingdom BB gundam display.

The gundam seed vs astray display.

Four more pages with detail coverage to come.

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