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Gundam Expo 2009 - HG UC

Gundam Expo 2009 is held between 12/17/2009 and 1/3/2010. Thanks for Thomas Kong, the promotion executive from Daniel & Co and Bandai Asia, we are able to cover the event as media representative and bring you these special opening ceremony pictures (with cute gundam image girls introducing the whole area before opening to the general public :). The expo is located at 都會商場大堂(紅磡火車站側) in Hong Kong on the 7, 8 and 9th floors. Free admission for everyone. Let's go,

The opening ceremony. Media reps inside the expo only. It was lunch time at 12pm, so a lot of fans are gathering outside as well.

Two big gundams are outside, here is the Gundam 00.

A few 0079 wall posters are displayed on the left hand side of the expo.

The other big gundam is the Exia.

Two gundam image girls (in bandai's term) are presented in the opening ceremony.

And of course, they are very cute looking professional cosplayers.

The stage has a flat 1to1 gundam.

Here are some of the limited editions gunpla from the expo. The clear smoke rx-78 2.0. It actually looks much better (without all the light projecting on it).

Your shiny impluse gundam.

The 620 HKD zaku s version 2.0

Next up is a special colored 00 raiser.

Standard color one is also displayed as well.

Yes, yes, I have one sitting at home now.

Other new items are displayed.

The MG V gundam.

Ar, interesting enough, the main focus for display this year is HG UC series. There is no big MG series or PG series display. But a full set of HG UC (almost 100) is here.

I love this one, it is still waiting for me in the garage to unbox :)

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