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Dressing up a Gundam Calendar

Anime calendar especially Gundam is not cheap, a good one runs from $15 to $30 US. So, it will be a waste if it looks like garbage after a month or two. Here is the way I use to dress up my calendar :)

Of course, wait until they are on sale and buy one.

Wait for the weekly coupon from a craft store such as Micheal and go get a nice frame. (The normal Micheal coupon is 40% off for one item.) This particular frame only costs around $15. It kinds of offsite the calendar if you get it on sale.

Get a framing kit from home improvement store. I got mine from Home Depot. (In this particular frame, you actually only need the wire).

Unroll and straight up the calendar. Put it under mattress? What do you usually do?

The goal is to cut out the top part of the calendar

Let's try using this photo cutter I have ... ar, the calendar is too big for it.

Let's go with the good one cutter free hand :)

Done. Perfect. (Just try not to cut off your fingers).

Lay them all out and pick the picture you like the most.

Wire the back of the frame, so you can hang it.

I actually like this classic picture the best.

This one is also good ...

Anyway, what you do is to just put the one you like on the top and the rest at the back. Whenever you have enough of a picture, just rotate it and store the ones you don't use within the frame.

Now, you can find a wall to hang it or just put it up on some shelf. The frame, of course, can be reuse for many many calenders :)


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