setstats Bandai - Robot Damashii Gadessa Special Color Hiling Custom

Bandai - Robot Damashii Gadessa Special Color Hiling Custom

GNZ-003 Gadessa (aka Gadessa) is a limited-production mobile suit from season two of Mobile Suit Gundam 00, piloted by Revive Revival and Hiling Care.

he GNZ-003 Gadessa was developed after, and a direct descendant of, the GNZ-001 GRM Gundam. Created and tuned specifically for an Innovade pilot (interacting the system with quantum brainwaves), a small series of these mobile suits were mass produced for Innovators' use. The produced batch of units are replacement units in case an Innovator was defeated in battle. This allows an Innovator to quickly recover from battle and take a new replacement unit. Gadessa is the opposite of its melee-oriented variant, GNZ-005 Garazzo, Gadessa is built specifically for long range assault.

This ultra-poseable 15cm action figure comes packed with its GN Mega Launcher that can be stored on its back, an energy pack, a pair of Beam Sabers, and optional hands. Gadessa's backpack houses the cockpit and its GN Drive, and can be detached from the Mobile Suit as an escape pod.

I picked it up for 15 USD at AX!

I am loving the hugh gun!

The GN Mega Launcher is really well designed and made.

You can actually open and close it.

The connector to the stand.

The tail :)

The down side of the figure is that you have to have a stand to display it. It does not stand by itself.

Pretty good looking for a bad guy.

Need to go with the 1/60 for now.

Your buddies are waiting for me in another shelf.


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