setstats Limited Version Gelgoog Cannon - Bandai - MSiA

Limited Version Gelgoog Cannon - Bandai - MSiA

The Extended MSiA series of Mobile Suit figures are slightly larger than their regular MSiA counterparts, and are better-molded and more accurately painted, with shading and weathering apparent in the panel lines, plus improved mobility with more articulated joints. Measuring about 12cm tall, Gelgoog Cannon comes armed with its signature Beam Naginata (beam saber type), Beam Rifle, Beam Cannon, three-barrel missile launcher and buckler shield (both detachable), along with two pairs of optional hands. A collection data sheet on the Mobile Suit is included.

I actually got it for around 9 USD in Hong Kong :) It was 2000 yen (20+ USD) when it first came out ...

Packaging is nicely done.

Here is the collectible card.

Out of the box.

The backpack.

MSiA is a fun series that is good looking and yet you can let your kids play with it without worrying that parts will fall off, etc.


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