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Zeonography: MSN-02 Perfect Zeong

My wife got this for me while she was in Hong Kong by herself to attend a good friend's wedding. Hong Kong is a very good place for toys as most of the stuffs are on sale by default. As time goes, the item will most likely becomes cheaper and cheaper until after a long long time, the price goes back up since it becomes hard to find. It is kind of like a reverse bell curve. Anyway, the list price is 9800 yen and I got it almost right after it just comes out for $600 HK dollars. So, it is like 25% off the list price. Not bad for a new item. Perfect Zeong is one of my favourite bad guy mobile suit. So, it is well worth the price for me. ($600 HKD = 76 USD).

The back of the box. You can build it with or without the legs. Without the legs will not be perfect, isn't it?

There is a sword that comes with it. I believe the sword is used in some 80s manga. Thus, it is included.

Fingers are postable.

Very smart looking :)

I will hopefully do some photoshoot with it later on (waited one year and still waiting ... ha ha)

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