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Zeonography: Prototype Dom Zeonography - Bandai 3002a

My best buddy bought this for me as a gift in LA. Dom is one of my fav suit in the 0079 series. Here is the process of transforming it from normal Dom to Prototype Dom. I remember I love the prototype dom when I was a little boy since it looks for cool and agressive. Oh, here is a little "history" from mahq:

When the Principality of Zeon's invasion of Earth itself began during the One Year War, one problem their military tried to address was developing a high-performance mobile suit for ground combat. Zimmad Company stepped forward with its revolutionary YMS-09 Prototype Dom. An entirely new design line built exclusively for ground combat, the Prototype Dom overcame the slow speed problem found with ground combat mobile suits by adding a series of high-powered thermonuclear jet engines in its legs and waist "skirt" armor. This gave the Prototype Dom the ability to hover along the ground at up to 240 kilometers per hour, and thus also making it extremely maneuverable. Two units were constructed at Zimmad's Side 3 factory and shipped to California Base on Earth for field testing.

Actually, most of the zeon side suits in this series is very well done.

Weapon added at the back.

Here is the big bazooka.

Here are the parts to convert it to the prototype dom.

Change the left leg first.

Change the front armor.

Looking good on top of the red lightup base.


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