setstats Gundam Fix Figuration: 1/144 GFF 0013 Deep Striker - Putting it together

Gundam Fix Figuration: 1/144 GFF 0013 Deep Striker - Putting it together

I actually bought this in Hong Kong gundam expo in 2007. It is sitting on top of display case in the room for like, ar, 2 years. Since I need to make room to get something else in Gundam Expo 2009. It needs to be unbox!!!! Talk about motivation. Anyway, The MSA-0011[Bst] Plan 303E "Deep Striker" is one of the configuration of MSA-0011[Bst] S Gundam Booster Unit Type. Designed to allow the S Gundam to strike deep inside enemy's territory with minimal support, it was thus equipped with four large booster backpacks: two of them replace the original's smaller backpack, like the Ex-S configuration, while its legs are replaced by six more thrusters (basically a normal booster pack with an extra thruster nozzle attachment, each containing 3 thrusters nozzles, a large thermo-nuclear generator and numerous propellant tanks), like the S[Bst] configuration.

In addition to its booster packs, it was also equipped with the following equipments:

And you know what, everything mentioned above is in this deep striker fix. Very nice. I am actually somewhat impressed by the figure given that it is an early entry in the series. It causes $495 Hong Kong dollars if I remember right. (You can divide that by 7.75 to convert to US dollars).

The box is a huge cube.

Let's open it. There are three boxes inside the huge cube.

Here they are.

The Gundam S is nicely "standing" in one of the boxes.

Other pieces are also very detail (at the level of the fix figuration).

There are also metal parts. If you need to pick on things, you can tell the parts are plastic moded, so they are not perfect.

Most of the parts look pretty good.

Here is one that need some sanding. (Or you can just overlook it :)

Gundam S is standing up.

Let's start the convertion. First, the left arms need to go.

The back lower "flip" also needs to go.

Here is a shoot when it is taken off.

Now, all the legs and lower body need to go.

Here is the new lower body.

The red cover of the lower body is gone. And the remind of the S Gundam is mounted on the stand.

Now, the i-field generator. In the UC series, the i-field is an energy shield that will protect the MA from beam weapon.

The front of the deep striker.

The body front first goes up.

The lower part also goes up.

The i-field generator is next.

Next are the busters parts. First, I need to put up the regulators.


The fuel tank is next.

The right hand side one is next.


The busters are attached now.

Very nice so far.

Here is the back so far.

Next part is the huge gun.

First put up the upper part.

Test fit the huge tube.

Long ...

The middle flip part is last.

Next step is the back busters.

Regulators are up.

These three parts will form the back buster.


Next step is the buster cover that will also hold the huge gun.

To the left is the radar?

To the right is the huge gun.

Yes, it is long.

The last step for the gun is the energy hose.

Next is the back center fuel tank.

Here they are.

Yes. it is suppoed to be straight up like that. The G-system one is V shape, but this one is supposed to be straight up like this.

The front so far.

Now, let's put up the huge gun base.

Yeah, baby.

Now, the huge gun is in!

A general problem with the fix series is that you pay for a lot of stuffs that you ended up don't use ...

Here is how big it is.

Deep striker also generates a lot of recycle materials ...

A few more shoots for your viewing pleasure.

Oh, I forget to mention. Yes, the gun is huge and it will deep your figure onto one side (the right in this case). So, you do need some support before it is too late.

What I used here is an upside down ikea candle holders.


Back to my display case for now.

I believe deep striker stopped production quite a while ago. If you can find one in a reasonable price, you should get it. It is one of the best fix I own so far.

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