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Bandai B-club - Mobile Suit Gundam Seed - Murrue Ramius

I love the gundam seed series. Not sure why some people dislike it so much. But I actually enjoy the series more, the more I rewatch it. I have kids, and they asked to play all the DVDs over and over again. So, I watched both seed and seed destiny at least 5 times. Besides the fact that the gundams are like gods with 1 on n ability and win all the time, the general story is actually good.

Lieutenant Murrue Ramius is one of the Earth Alliance Forces soldiers stationed at the Orb colony Heliopolis, where the Earth Alliance's new mobile suits were being built. When ZAFT discovered this operation and four out of five mobile suits were taken, Ramius took control of the remaining GAT-X105 Strike, along with Kira Yamato. Yala yala ya, she eventually becomes the captain of the Archangel. I believe the figure is from the scene where the whole number 8 fleet protected the Archangel to earch and her mentor die in battle.

Anyway, the figure is a goodie from B-club and I actually got it used :) I normally get everything brand new. But since I missed the chance for this years ago. I actually got it from ebay. I promise the seller a good home and I think I have it less than the 1/2 the original price. And yes, she belongs to a good home now within a glass protected shelf to display with other figures.

It is cold cast resin. Pretty heavy for its size.

Love the expression.

My wife is actually surprise that I got her since she wears so much clothing ...


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