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Bandai - Robot Damashii - Bushido Ahead

I keep telling myself that I don't need to collect the whole gundam 00 series in robot damashii. But then, whenever I see one, I cannot help trying to pick it up. Here is another brand new ebay found with a good discount.

Mr Bushido is the character from Gundam 00 season 2 who ploit this mobile suit. Here is the info from gundam wiki: In keeping with the pilot's apparent obsession with Japanese samurai culture, his Ahead resembles an armored samurai, down to its main armament (a pair of beam sabers styled after a katana and wakizashi). The cable behind its head is for providing extra energy to whichever weapons it might use. But due to its inconvenience in connecting and disconnecting, there is a special GN condenser mounted in its shield, for recharging of the extra-powerful saber. The thrusters on the Ahead's shoulders are usually horizontal, but Mr Bushido has made them vertical for reducing interference with the swinging of the Ahead's arms, while at the same time, allowing engineers to install small caliber beam cannons that serve a similar role to the GN Vulcans, the mobile suit's only other ranged weapons.

It looks better than the original ahead.

The vertical settings look pretty cool.

The cable connected to the back of the head.

Looks pretty cool.


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