setstats ALVAARON DX the core of ALVATORE - Bandai - The Robot Spirits

ALVAARON DX the core of ALVATORE - Bandai - The Robot Spirits

If you are a fan of the gundam 00 series, this is a super goodies from Bandai. A superb deluxe box set that packs a highly-poseable action figure of the golden Alvaaron Mobile Suit with the core of Alvatore that the mech can be stored inside with its "wings" as covers. I put this up for a sweet 200 HKD (like 25 USD) at HK Gundam Expo 2009. Weapons consists of a pair of beam rifles, two beam sabers, and optional hands. Alvaaron and the core of Alvatore is painted with a metallic gold finish. As one of the last bad guys who fights with Exia, this toy reproduce almost exactly what is presented in the anime. Happy!

You have to be at least 3 years old to play :) ...

There is an ad of Bandai Asia in there.

Here is the Alvaaron - GNMS-XCVII.

Here is the core of GNMA-XCVII Alvatore

There are total of 3 sets of hands.

The stage?

Well, at first I actually think it could go inside the core.

It actually fits inside ... of course, later on, you can see it is supposed to go at the bottom to stablize the "ship".

The GN drive.

The wings can cover the core nicely.

The beam weapon goes here.

Here is where it is supposed to go.

The detials are here. In fact, I think this robot is produced much better than the other gundams in the series.

The guns are here.

It actually looks really good with the core. So, get this version if you are interested.

Before I have time to buy (or build) the big glass shelf. He will have to stay with the girls ...


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