setstats Bandai - 1/144 - Gundam FIX Figuration RX-78NT-1 Alex

Bandai - 1/144 - Gundam FIX Figuration RX-78NT-1 Alex

Love 0080 series and love the figuration line. Here is RX-78NT-1 Alex. It comes packed with a set of Chobham armor parts. Two Beam Sabers, two gatling guns (each mountable on its forearms), a Beam Rifle, a shield, and a bazooka are included. Hajime Katoki's gundam design is so cool.

I wish more of alex will appear in other series.

It looks like the figuration series for this line is ending in 2011. So, pick one up if you are into the series. They are very fun for display.

The QA stamp to show you that they did check everything before packing into the box :)

A big base is included. Well, a small one will probably do.

Let me change its arm with machine gun opened.

Dah dah.

Here, both guns are opened now.

For now, just go with your buddies.


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