setstats Hot Import Night - Girls at San Mateo, California - Part 8

HIN San Mateo, 2008- 8

There was an area where models can try out for shots for a magazine. The lighiting is much better, however, everyone has the same car as background.

A new red head sales person.

In case you wonder why she kept looking down, there is actually a guy lying on the floor taking a shot of the card she hold in her chest ...

Finally, she realized I were trying to take a shot as well.

You can always ask to take a shot with the girls to show off to your friends later. This young man did just that.

She is very cute. However, her place is at the very corner with no light but only red projected dacning lights around. Wish to be able to take more shots.

There was also a bikini competition in the center of the second hall. Standing view only, so very difficult to actually see them clearly.

The national guard is recuiting there.


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