setstats Hot Import Night - Girls at San Mateo, California - Part 1

HIN San Mateo - 1

Here is Hot Import Night 2008 at San Mateo, California. HIN is indoor and Nightshift is out door. The security at the gates is somewhat serious with metal detectors and every bag searched. However, somehow they never touch my carmea bag. In any case, I think HIN has become a very popular sub culture type of event with very interesting cars and a lot of hot girls running around the show. There are many many people there and it takes 40 minutes to just get through the entrance. $30 a person, I can imagine the show makes a lot of money running from one city to another.

Here are a couple of new faces I did not see in Pleasanton, California last year.

She puts the ad sticker in where you will look the most.

Another big eyes nice looking model. I should learn to catch and remember their name better.


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