setstats Hot Import Night / Nightshift - Girls at Chicago, Illinois

Hot Import Nights, Chicago - 2007

The word "Import" is relative to the United States. Hot Import Nights (HIN) is an auto show comprised of mainly tuner import cars. The show originated in California, but now tours various cities in the United States. Sponsors include XM Satellite Radio and Valvoline. Hot Import Nights hosts single-night events in a number of different cities across the US, with an average of roughly two such events per month. The locales include standard metropolitan cities such as Boston, MA, Seattle, WA, San Diego, CA, Las Vegas, NV and Chicago, IL, as well as more exotic ones such as Honolulu, HI. The show is open to the public, with general admission ticket prices between $25 and $30. Individuals wishing to show off or exhibit their own vehicles pay a higher fee of around $30 per motorcycle or $55 per car. Many noteworty hip-hop and rap musicians also preform at this show, drawing much of the crowd away from the cars some of the time.

I am not a car person. So, I am there for the pretty models ^-^

These pictures are taken by a great photographer called Arthor Lo.

In addition to a large number of vehicles, Hot Import Nights events typically feature a number of promotional models. These models promote the products of individual companies/magazines/websites with booths at the event, some participate in fashion shows, and others dance on stage with a dj playing the music selections. These car shows are typically set up with a night club atmosphere (dark with night club lighting & music), but are still geared towards people of all ages.




The show's night club atmosphere serves to attract a larger male-dominated audience of anywhere from 13 to 25 to the event. Oh well, with pretty girls like these ...

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