setstats 1/5 Ryomou Shimei IV - Musashiya

1/5 Ryomou Shimei VII Completed Coldcast

Musashiya produces great stuffs. An example is this spectacularly stacked battle queen Ryomou Shimei from "Ikki Tousen Great Guardians". She poses provocatively in a teeny bikini in this coldcast figure. She is as big as my 1/4 collection and around 33cm long. Only 200 of this amazing figure is made.

Since she is not standing up, so the box is not as big as the Sonsaku Hakufu 2 I have.

Note: This figure depicts full or partial nudity and is not intended for immature hobbyists. Please click back if you are under 18.

Here is the box next to a bottle water.

A page of instruction.


There is a nice pull out you can use.

Sitting on the table.

The top.

Back to the shelf.

Now, I have to tell you that I cannot get the top on the figure because it is too bikini is too small and the top is too big ... anyone can make it without damaging the paint. Advice?

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