setstats 1/7 Onodera Karen Swimsuit PVC by Kotobukiya

1/7 Onodera Karen Swimsuit PVC by Kotobukiya

Karen Onodera (小野寺 樺恋, Onodera Karen) is one of the main characters from Please Twins. I love both Please Teacher and Please Twins. Go watch them if you have not :)

It is a 1/7 Onodera Karen Swimsuit PVC by Kotobukiya. Identical to Kotobukiya's previously-released resin kit, this prepainted and completed PVC figure is ready to display out of the box, with no work to do! I do build figures once in a full moon. But PVC this days are so good now. She also comes with a custom stand, and measures about 20 cm tall. For 4,800 yen, it is great. Original release on Jan, 2006.

Karen is usually a very shy and timid girl who is even prone to passing out (called "The 'nyu's," for the syllable she utters before eventually passing out) when a situation gets too intense for her to handle. She frequently calls people by a title, such as calling Maiku, "Mr. Maiku", or "Maiku-San" in the Japanese version. Like Miina, she also develops feelings for Maiku, though she doesn't act on them for the same reasons.

The details are all here.

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