setstats Neo Genesis Evangelion - Asuka - Christmas Manga Version

Neo Genesis Evangelion - Asuka - Christmas Manga Version

Well, the offical name is actually Neon Genesis Evangelion 7 Comic Limited Version. It is a manga that comes with the small PVC figure. It is supposed to be 1200 yen and I got it many years ago somewhere (US or Hong Kong?). It was sitting on my manga shelf for a long time. Finally, open it up and display :)

Here it is:

All the new item in bookstore is wrapped.

The box is really well designed.

I actually never read this series of the manga.

Neo Genesis is a classic. You should at least watch the whole original anime series once.

Pretty good for a book figure.

Let's put it together.

Here, finally turn the face enough to light it up.

Really small compared to the 1/4 bigger sister.


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