setstats Figure Review: 1/6 Mizuho Kazami by Kotobukiya

Figure Review: 1/6 Mizuho Kazami by Kotobukiya

Please Teacher! is a Japanese anime series, directed by Yasunori Ide and written by Yosuke Kuroda, and produced by Bandai Visual, which was adapted into a manga and light novel, centering around a group of friends and the odd things that happen to them after they get a new teacher.

A 23 year old half alien, half human, Planet Inspector from the Galactic Federation, sent to Earth to observe and study humans. Mizuho came to Earth to monitor the planet though inadvertently was seen by Kei as she was just landing on Earth. Although she did not trust him at first, she started to become attracted to Kei after they exchanged secrets about their past.

In a conversation with Maho, Kei learns that she is the youngest member of the GF Observers ever to gain a license. Also from Maho we learn that Mizuho apparently has never had a romantic relationship, which is verified when she admits as much to Kei. One of the main conflicts in the story involves Mizuho and how she tends to have great jealousy and misjudgment.

She even went to such great lengths as to spy on Kei while he was hanging out with a friend from school, Koishi Herikawa, in a set up date, and when Mizuho's mother held Kei hostage in a hotel.

Please Teacher! happens to be one of my favourite anime in the recent years. The Please Teacher! anime series was soon continued with a spinoff, Please Twins!, which premiered on WOWOW between July 15, 2003 and October 14, 2003, featuring many of the characters featured in the series. Compared both Teacher and Twins, I would prefer the Teacher series just by a little.

Foot detail is nicely done.

The lightbox setup for these pics:

Here are the pre-lightbox pictures. The light source is a $10 homedepot yellow light :) on the right.

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