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Meyrin Hawke - 1/7 B-Club

Here is a 115mm tall 1/7 Meyrin Hawke produced by Nagae Art Production and B-Club. It was released around Oct., 2006. Totally goodness made of Poliystone from the Gundam Seed Destiny universe.

Meyrin is the Minerva's communications controller and the youngest member of its bridge crew. She is the younger sister of Lunamaria Hawke from the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny anime series. Meyrin is attracted to Athrun; however, unlike her older sister, Meyrin is much less open in displaying signs of affection, presumably due to her shy nature.

In episode 36, at the Gibraltar military base, Athrun is framed as a traitor. To avoid pursuit he ducks into Meyrin's room, then plans to leave rather than implicate her. However, Meyrin helps Athrun escape by lying to the men chasing him so they would think she was alone in her room, hacking base security to set off a false alarm, and driving Athrun to a hangar where he can steal a mobile suit. Although Meyrin does not originally intend to escape with Athrun, she chooses to join him when they are discovered by Rey Za Burrel.

Back to the figure, this is a fixed position 1/7 figure. The head is pointing about 45 degree upward in a sitting down position. So, it looks very different than most of the figures out there. For 12,800 yen or $134 US, she is yours. Overall extremely well painted with attention to details all over from face to cloth, to the base stand. Very happy with her.

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