setstats Figure Review: 1/6 Kuga Natsuki School Swimsuit by New Line

Figure Review: 1:6 Kuga Natsuki School Swimsuit
by New Line

Updated! Aug 2009. I dig up some early test photo using my lightbox of the same figure. She is looking much better now! (Well, I can actually improve it again if I redo the lighbox setting again.

My-HiME (Mai-HiME) is an anime series created by Sunrise, Inc. and directed by Masakazu Obara, originally premiering on TV Tokyo from September 2004 to March 2005. The show is a comedy-drama focusing on the lives of HiMEs - girls with magical powers - gathered at Fuka Academy for a secret purpose.

This character is Natsuki Kuga. She is typically portrayed as a serious, rational blue-haired female, as a foil to the lighthearted Mai Tokiha. Natsuki's beauty is the target of several jokes, usually involving her becoming embarrassed in a situation.

New Line produced this excellent 1:6 figure. It is a 12" tall cold cast statue of Kuga Natsuki wearing a one piece school swimsuit and holding a towel behind her head. Sculpted by Zenko.

The only problem with figures from New Line is the fact that there is no detail in the toe or finger nails.

A brand new one will run you at 13,800 yen. It is about $119 US.

Here is the old pictures without the light box.


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