setstats 1/6 Kamen Rider Decade by RAH Medicom

1/6 Kamen Rider Decade by RAH Medicom

Kamen Rider Decade is somehow of an interesting stories. The whole thing seems to be made up in order to reintroduce the kamen riders of different series. So, the story is kind of a no story. Also, ending with a movie that you have to watch in order to see the ending instead of a normal series run down is kind of strange. But then, that is the adult point of view. My kids love Kamen Rider Decade, since they are many many many kamen riders appear in the series. So, I watch it two times now ...

Anyway, here is the RAH version of Kamen Rider Decade. This is the amazing eighth release from the "Project BM!" dream-team collaboration of Bandai and Medicom Toy. As quoted in hlj, this splendidly articulated, fully posable 12-inch action doll comes clad in a sharply detailed suit of faux leather and hard body-armor parts! His signature DecaDriver is included, along with 10 perfectly tiny little Rider Cards that can be inserted into it, and he's also accompanied by three (non-transformable) forms of his Ride Booker: Book Mode, Gun Mode, and Sword Mode. Also included are optional hands and a clear figure stand. Outstanding!

The design is kind of cool!

Unlike other kamen rider, the design is asymmetric.

The box is so pretty, and the whole package is so over price, you have to keep the box around to justify the money you spend on it :)

Everything you can think of is here.

There is earthquake in california, so I start using all the stage that comes with the figure.

The symbols of the other nine kamen rider.

The transform cards are all there as well. In 1/6 scale of course.

Now, you can go stand with your buddies.






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