setstats Company Halloween Party

Company Halloween Party

I work for one of the coolest company around and here is the 2009 halloween party!

The company/family/kid party is in the middle of the day. Nicholas is at kindergarten, so Benjamin is solo here. The happy boy needs to be transformed to Winnie the Pooh at the back of the SUV.

Happily running out of the gate (main door).

There are free balloons and toys to pick up.

Yes. I am the economy class dark vader.

Music is playing in the main campus.

I am fans stopping by to take picture together.

There are jumpers, free toys, art and craft, etc. Hoever, the main point is to parade to the stage and get a free lunch for the afternoon :) The dark vader is kind of hot, so I did not really take too much pictures :)

Of course, we have panda stops by and says hi.


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