setstats WonderCon 2010 - Part 4

WonderCon 2010 - Part 4

The big three comic conventions in the west coast are Comic-Con, WonderCon and APE. WonderCon is operated by the same people who organize the mega-popular Comic-Con in San Diego. WonderCon attracted over 34,000 people in 2009 and similar numbers in 2010 (official number is not out yet). WonderCon is a major venue for previews and early screenings of major motion pictures, in particular ones based on comic books. These have included Spider-Man 2 in 2004, Batman Begins and Fantastic Four in 2005, Superman Returns in 2006, 300 in 2007, Watchmen in 2009, and Kick-Ass in 2010. Ok, back to photo report ...

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You can create your own toy using Very interesting.

The folks from Legendary Costume Work.

The super cute sisters from I saw them from fanime, AOD, to WonderCon.


Yes. It actually moves.

The Fine Art of Fang. Love them.



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